About Us


Hailing from the Philippines, the founder – Rachelle Schwaebe grew up around various adorable pets ranging from birds and white mice to canines, roosters and kitties. This instilled a deep sense of empathy for the animals whereby they became more than just a pet, like a cherished family member.

Needless to say, when you love someone like your own, you make sure they get everything they deserve. She fed them premium food, adorned them in amazing accessories and invested in the right healthcare products so they would be happy pets for as long as possible. Nobody wants to be separated from their family which is why she did everything to promote her furry friends’ well-being. And this went far beyond just listening to the veterinarian.

In fact, she devoted hours to her own research, getting informed answers to all the necessary questions.

The purpose behind Luxury Catz and Dogz

As she moved abroad to study, she immersed herself further into understanding the true quality of care deserved by animals. And so, began the journey of Luxury Catz and Dogz – a proud e-commerce store offering unparalleled products to doting pet lovers in the Philippines. Since the beginning, the founder’s goal was to increase access to the best-sourced items from across the globe.

After all, there should be no limits to ensuring that every pet leads a quality life with warm snuggles, wholesome food and convenience-maximizing accessories. To top it off, Luxury Catz and Dogz’ carefully curated selection strives to ease common struggles faced by animal lovers.

A promise of unconditional love

Her vision is based on the principle of treating animals with the same level of kindness and respect provided to humans.